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We offer a large diversity of collectors objects. It is possible the same product is showed in the shop with different prices. This might happen if the quality, the package are different.

Coins & Medals
Coins are a legal tender and have a face value. Medals do not have this. The coins are devided into three main categories: euro coins, world coins, and old Dutch coins (guldens). Below this sub categories are made by countries and values. For the grades of the coins please see the seperate information page. In our shop more then 10000 coins are presented.

In our webshop you can choose between more then 2000 different banknotes from more then 200 countries. Banknotes are only displayed in the English languages.

Stamps are not our core business. In the near future stamps will be added to our website.

In the webstore you will soon find a huge offer of supplies like albums, coinholders and much more. This offers will be expanded in the future with more different types.

Subscriptions are possible for any different products. See the different information page for more information.

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